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Projects in 2017

  1. Community Development projects in Assam, India

    • 4 Anganwadi’s fully refurbished, and 1 partially refurbished • 1 water tank repaired • 16 workshops were carried out by 16 Irish volunteers and 17 Indian volunteers within 4 communities • 1 street play and awareness rally organised by UCDVO and ADBU volunteers – 60 people at each performance & exposure of street play in local media • 30 grassroots comics were created by volunteers and distributed within the 4 communities • Ongoing cultural exchange between UCDVO and ADBU volunteers throughout 4 week period • Booklet compiled of lesson plans by volunteers prior to departure (each booklet presented to Anganwadi workers at closing ceremony)

  2. Disability Support projects in Meghalaya, India

    • 17 children attended the residential camp, including new cases for 2017 and reviews from 2016. • 12 children from the 2016 CP camp reviewed by physio team. • 34 people attended a health awareness programme in a local village. These included the teachers in the Ferrando centre, the parents of the residential camp children, local Asha workers and Anganwadi workers, and one or two other community members who were told of the program and invited to attend. • Approximately 10 villages in total were visited by members of the physiotherapy teams and a total of 20 children assessed (mix of follow up from 2017 CP camp, 2016 reviews and new assessments) • Numerous new pieces of equipment were provided to the children of the residential camp as well as some other children from the school/communities. • 1 static bicycle provided to the Ferrando Centre by UCDVO

  3. Education projects in Vijayawada, India

    • Approximately 100 children took part in UCDVO Sports day carried out at Care and Share, and sports equipment was provided by UCDVO • 12 workshops carried out at Care and Share (Daddy’s Home and Butterfly Hill) on the topics of sex education, personal health & hygiene, and rights & responsibilities

  4. Disability support projects in Andhra Pradesh, India

    • A total of 78 children were reviewed over the 4 week period. This included 28 (increased from 23 in 2016) residents in Asha Jyothi and 50 (increased from 29 in 2016) community cases. • Laying the first brick of the access ramp for the rehabilitation room to be constructed on the Asha Jyothi campus (funding provided through UCDVO). The construction should be completed by August 2017 • Provision of equipment such as seating, wheelchairs, braces, splints, walking aids, therapeutic games, etc. • 2 AFOs • 3 wheelchairs • Engagement with local partners and local community • Updating of all physiotherapy charts • Education session for parents and staff of children with disability • Special Olympics – 65 children participated (all children from Asha Jyothi) • Children progression with rehabilitation

  5. Education and infrastructural development projects in Somoto, Nicaragua

    • 1 multi-purpose classroom was 90% constructed by UCDVO volunteers at a rural education centre • 1 water tank was funded by UCDVO and installed at Escuelita del Mercado • 1 perimeter wall was funded by UCDVO and constructed at Escuelita del Mercado • Ceiling tiles for classrooms were funded by UCDVO and installed at Escuelita del Mercado • 1 mural painting was created at MCN offices in Somoto • Cultural exchange weekend took place with Trocaire Nicaragua • 30 youth took part in a football socialisation programme in Uniles • 35 - 40 students were taught at Las Palmiras primary school • 40 students were taught at Escuelita del Mercado

  6. Computer education projects in Tanzania

    • 125 computers and 5 whiteboards provided to 5 schools • 6 printers provided to 6 schools (past project schools - Kihonda Maghorofani Primary School, Tundu Primary School, Kilakala Primary School, Mlimani Primary School, Kigurunyembe Primary School, Iwemba Primary School • 2 projectors provided to 2 schools in Morogoro • 103 teachers took part in basic computer courses in Morogoro & 35 completed refresher computer courses in Morogoro • 77 teachers took part in basic computer courses in Ruaha & 11 completed refresher computer courses in Ruaha

  7. Library development projects in Tanzania

    • 46 boxes of education & library books transported to Tanzania for distribution

  8. English language development projects, Tanzania

    • 103 teachers took part in English lessons in Morogoro • 77 teachers took part in English lessons in Ruaha • Approx. 400 students took part in English lessons in Morogoro • Approx. 500 students took part in English lessons in Ruaha • Approx. 600 children were involved in summer camps in Morogoro & Ruaha • Nursery classroom painted in Ruaha B and mural painted outside computer room in Lyahira primary school, both in Ruaha

  9. Disability support projects in Kisiizi Hospital, Uganda

    • 21 children participated in CP camp (2 weeks), each assessed on a daily basis • 333 children were screened for undernourishment • An audit was carried out investigating Out-Patient Department (OPD) waiting times at Kisiizi Hospital • Two of the physiotherapy students undertook research as part of their final year dissertation which will compare Irish and Ugandan caregiver knowledge of childhood development milestones. • An audit of the knowledge of patients attending the diabetes clinic. • An investigation into local staff knowledge of pressure care and education of same. • Students had the opportunity each week to work with Community Based Outreach workers in the areas of rehabilitation, immunisation and child nutrition screening. • Medical students facilitated a First Aid workshop for mothers attending the CP camp. • 12 children were measured for specialised seating (five corner seats and seven CP chairs) • Opportunities for practising and developing assessment skills • Attended Daily Ward Rounds in surgical, maternity, general medicine, isolation, paediatric, psychiatric, out-patients, A&E and rehabilitation. • Participation in Immunisation Outreach and Family Planning Education • Interdisciplinary Practise throughout Elective • 12 Education Workshops about Cerebral Palsy and Managing Impairment, Nutrition and Hydration, Family Planning, Wound care, and Home Exercise Programmes were delivered in conjunction with Medical Team, Community Health Worker, Malnutrition and Family Planning Nursing Staff 
 • Volunteers attended an MDT outreach day in 2 communities. 83 people attended in Rwakaraba and 36 people attended in Ndago. 4 workshops of approximately 20 minutes were delivered. Topics covered included; the signs and complications of diabetes, healthy eating, the importance of exercise and how to recognise and treat dehydration. • Orphanage Visit and Play Session: 100 + Children involved in Play Session for 2 Hours • Students worked on improving the physical environments of the primary school. • Construction of phase 3 of dormitory began

  10. Disability support projects in Nansana, Uganda

    • 38 children attended for the camp over two weeks, receiving therapy sessions daily, guardian education, malnutrition screening and play therapy sessions from physiotherapy and general volunteers. • All guardians received education on disability and rehabilitation, nutrition (including cooking demonstration of a nutritionally balanced meal by Esther, CHR), first aid and general health, family planning, hygiene and well-being. • 31 children were assessed for supportive equipment to include supportive chairs, wheelchairs, standing aids and walking aids. It is hoped that all children will receive their equipment over the coming 3 months. (15 CP chairs and tables, 5 standing frames, 11 wheelchairs, 2 folding rollators, 1 table & 1 wedge to be provided to children.) • 1 specialised chair and table made by local carpenter for a child assessed by UCD physiotherapists. • A home programme booklet designed and made by the volunteers for families of children in the disability camp. • 12 home visits were carried out. This included 6 visits to families who had previously attended camp in 2016 and a further 6 home visits to families following their attendance at the camp in 2017. • 7 different schools received workshops on disability, sexual health and education, nutrition, mental health and first aid courses which were prepared and delivered by the general volunteers. • 6 general volunteers observed and assisted at a HIV outreach testing clinic. (Administration and awareness building) • All volunteers experienced home visits to Nurture Africa clients on HIV programme and to businesses involved in the sustainable livelihoods schemes. • All general volunteers completed rotations in the clinic to learn about the healthcare system in Uganda and the day to day clinical work in Nurture Africa. Areas included; triage, counselling, lab and pharmacy. • All volunteers and some Nurture Africa staff, planned, scripted and recorded content for a disability awareness video which can be played in the waiting room of the Nurture Africa clinics. • General volunteers facilitated library outreach in local schools • Volunteers painted and decorated the inside and outside of the UCDVO funded physiotherapy centre building. • All volunteers facilitated and took part in a School Sports Day at Kisimbiri Primary School.

  11. School support project in Delhi, India

    • Completed 5 qualitative interviews with the CEDC founders/staff • Completed a focus group discussion with local community members • Liaised with the UCD Global Office and created new links between them and the o CEDC. • Facilitated a ‘ Global Issues and Gender Sensitization Workshop ’ to 200 students in Hillswoods Academy • Produced a detailed booklet which captures the history of the CEDC and its partnership with UCDVO, its programmes and achievements to date, and the people at the heart of the work. The primary objective of this booklet is for it to be tool/resource that can be used to attract donors/volunteers.

  12. Computer lab development, Gros Morne, Haiti

    Further funding provided to Bigue Community School in Gros Morne in which a computer laboratory was established by UCDVO in 2015

  13. Agricultural and environmental protection projects, Gros Morne, Haiti

    Funding provided for solar powered hen house at the Grepin Centre in Gros Morne

2018 PLAN

€ 102,637

raised of €0 goal



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