The Hope Foundation is dedicated to promoting the protection of street and slum children in Kolkata and the most underprivileged in India. HOPE works to effect immediate and lasting change in their lives. By extending support to children and their communities via 60 on the ground projects,HOPE provides sustainable holistic solutions to protection and development. By providing healthcare, counselling and education, HOPE ensures children in its care enter adulthood equipped with the tools and support they need to live healthy and happy lives. To date HOPE has helped over 2.3 million people.


We work with committed people and organisations to change these children’s lives. We fund and support over 60 projects in health, nutrition, child protection and education. We also advocate for better services and seek ways to support access to Government programmes.

Projects in 2017

  1. The Hope Foundation believes that education is the passport out of poverty -that's why we started our Holistic Education Project in 2007. HOPE and its partners run pre-schools for first generation learners, that is, the children of parents who have had little or no schooling. We also have Coaching Centres where support is provided to children going to mainstream primary and secondary schools. These centres provide homework support, nutritious meals, counselling, extra tuition and recreational activities. This helps children to progress through school and cuts down on drop-out rates.

  2. Our healthcare programme has made significant progress in immunization, water sanitation and ante-natal care, saving the lives of thousands of infants and their mothers. The HOPE hospital takes care of those who have nowhere else to turn providing treatment and care to those in dire need.  With your help, we can continue this work in 2016 and beyond.

  3. Solvent abuse is a major problem for many young people in Kolkata and Howrah Station is home to many homeless people.  A drop-in centre for adolescent substance abusers was founded in the Chetla area of Kolkata in 2005. The Centre provides love, psychological counseling, nutritional support and mainstreaming of boys into school, which has been salvation for most of them. Substance abuse has almost stopped.