Conscious Cup Campaign

We want coffee shops to offer discounts to people who bring their own travel mugs for their caffeine hit.

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A group of us got together from the Zero Waste Ireland Facebook page to find positive solutions to reduce the amount of take-away coffee cups used and discarded each day.  In Ireland, we are using well over 1/2 a billion cups each year, and they are not recyclable!  Each take-away coffee cup has a thin plastic liner to keep the hot coffee from leaking.  Additionally, there are the same number of lids in our rubbish.  We are asking people to invest in a reusable travel mug to be used when they buy coffee on the go.  Additionally, we are asking coffee shops to offer a discount to those customers who bring their own mug.We will use this money to develop and host our website and develop a marketing campaign.

Conscious cup

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