Currently there are almost 55,000 people living with dementia in Ireland. 4,000 of these people are under 65 and are classified as having younger onset dementia. It is estimated that the number of people living with dementia will rise to 153,157 by 2046 due to population ageing. Approximately4,000 cases of dementia are identified in Ireland each year. There areapproximately 50,000 family carers caring for someone with dementia. For eachperson diagnosed with dementia there at least three family members directly affected.


The Alzheimer Society of Ireland works across the country in the heart of local communities providing dementia specific services and supports and advocating for the rights and needs of all people living with dementia and their carers. Our vision is an Ireland where no one goes through dementia alone and where policies and services respond appropriately to the person with dementia and their carers, at the times they need support.

Projects in 2017

  1. Our free, National Helpline is a confidential service which provides information, support and a listening ear. Our service is for people with dementia and their families as well as people who are concerned about their own or a loved one's memory. We also work with health and social care professionals.

  2. Our Social Clubs are for people with dementia, their friends, families or carers. The Club is a free, social gathering once a week where people can drop in to chat, access information and support, meet other people as well as to exchange ideas and experiences. The Clubs also plan activities and organise outings and provide an informal, flexible and fun opportunity for people with dementia and their carer or family member to meet others in a supported environment.

  3. Our Respite Care Centres offer stimulation and activity to the person with dementia in a safe, friendly environment and respite from caring for the caregiver. These centres provide overnight respite care seven days a week. During the day, residents have access to the Day Care Centre.